The Gift

The gift of the season. The shortest and darkest day of year.

Then the light descends, the days get longer.  Winter Solstice.

We remember to allow the light to rest in our heart, in our thoughts.

We forget the darkness is only temporary, brief.

The deeply-starred blue heaven is more than the darkness.

The Light wins. Again. Always.

Friends! Friends! Friends!

We are blessed with friends who love us when we are unlovable, feed us  when we are hungry, chastise us when we are wrong, educate us, give us examples to aspire to, patiently wait for us to catch up to their wisdom. 


Whether stranger, or long time love, the compassion lodged in the heart of another is our true air, food, and shelter, and beauty.

Stupa compassion
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Searching for the elusive but all powerful Positive

Taking control of negatives, twisting them with thought and perseverance into the All Powerful Positive Perspectives.

Only with diligent practice of  the captured thought-form do we achieve an anything different.

In our world of duality a positive awaits, sometimes quietly, for our discovery.

Once found, that now positive thought works for us and acts as a highly contagious virus to the good.

It is a turning………….

In the night, when alone

Doubts, demon like, pesky in their pettiness, their base ignorance concealed in repetitive reasons and rationale just shy of truth, they come to shatter our dreamland.

Their imminent destruction and absence of place in reality must be near and their efforts more intense.


Greet them with Love as in: Gratitude and praises for all that is, for all that will be.

Enthusiastic expectation!!!

Fill! Forcefully, aggressively, and in preparation, fill those times with greetings of praise, for all the positives and goodnesses that are!


Those words of doom and doubt, those thoughts that would rob us of our dreams, Our Dreams! Our Dreams! Our Dreams! 

Not theirs. Not theirs. Not theirs

They are nothing, No thing they are. Not Real. Ha Ha Ha!

Energy Follows thought and is tinctured by those thoughts.

said Helena Blavatsky

You reap what you sow. said Jesus

Faith is the substance of things hoped for………..


Those demon doubts will get smaller and smaller, their Devils Tatoo on anyone’s consciousness will become less and less with each and every enthusiastic praise of our Grace, our place our expectation of more and better