Gratitude for Dentists

As I strolled past one of those big pictures of George Washington, I paused to look, really look at the printed image of our nation’s  first president.

For the first time I noticed the pained  expression on his face. Clearly I could see that his mouth was held as if his teeth hurt.

Wooden teeth were a part of his life, and I wonder at the bacteria and germs that came with them. There are many historical  references to him that mention the pain and the problems he had with his teeth.

Comparing those times with our own, I am grateful for so many improvements.  Personally speaking, the ‘painless’ dental repairs and replacements must be gifts from the Lord.

This morning I left my Partial with the dentist for a fit issue on a new crown.  No big deal really, it will be back in a couple of days. I miss the beauty it adds to my smile and my meals.

However.  I am so vey grateful to be in these times with such improved, clean and comfortable dental helps..