Gardening Days

Early, with the sun’s lighting dark places, I begin my stroll through the garden areas. I’m looking for projects for the morning: extra water for some plants, dead debris removal, areas needing soil replacement, and re-seeding in a few places.

Joyful, joyful, joyful is this experience. Sweat may be pouring out of me, soaking my hair, stinging my eyes, the water hose may kink and stop, a bumble bee may make me move out of its way. However all of those may be, Joy remains.

The future claims its place. A seed’s outer garments will be no more. Instead there will be color and other species coming to enjoy the loveliness.

Several large pots filled with soil lined along a south fence are the bulk of my garden. The visiting creatures seem not to notice an absence of tilled soil along the ground like some gardens. They work anyway, taking in the pollen, doing what ever, what all they do, for whatever their purpose may be.

This year has shown many Butterflies, Bees, Damselflies and Hummingbirds.

Joyful, joyful, joyful is the purpose and the experiences are my gardening days.