The Many Facets of Education

Education for the most part of my life has been of the free but priceless kind. At one time we had to buy our books in our home state, but it was a modest amount and there were programs to assist the kids who didn’t have the price of their books.

Too, there was the learning from observation as much as from practice, all kinds of social conducts, academic subjects and experiences of the planetary resident kind.

By that, I mean that interstellar travellers might not know how to walk in the woods or drink from a stream or how to be cautious at the edge of a wind blown precipice.

The diversity and thoroughness of a background education in Art, its techniques and mediums and history boggles my memory to consider that I know it, but it is as familiar as scratching an itch.

I am beyond words grateful for all of it.  There is no imagination that could take in all the might not be it not for education.

I often find myself saying aloud I am grateful, I am grateful.