Helpers here, helpers there, helpers everywhere……….

My original intent was to change this blog’s theme. But, I looked and I liked it the way it is.

My day has been one of many people along the ways I’ve gone. There have been helpful pleasantries when I originally planned to be cranky. There have been entertaining stories and helpful ideas.
While driving, I passed the police and I am reminded of these brave and caring people who go into challenging situations to help people. On my Facebook newsfeed, there was a video showing firefighters successfully rescuing animals from various horrific situations.
Now my thoughts are a bit like a pinball machine ball bouncing around touching on the many, many ways people have helped me. There have been teachers who taught far more than I took in, there have been people who helped understand compassion and patience from my point of great need of those very things.
There are people who want me think about tragedy or sickness and disease or some kind of trauma. Yet for each one of those, there are thousands of efforts every hour, EVERY HOUR, to bring comfort, healing, correction, and improvements; also known as help.

I am grateful for helpers.


Remember to have Gratitude for all the  teachers who have graced our lives.

The ones who taught us to make sense of our scrawls into a language, the ones who taught us to knit, or do algebra, or, or, or. The ones who made the Divine simple and understandable and recognizable.

Divine light
Image by Armando Maynez via Flickr