Gratitude for many, many things

Liberty comes to mind. A freedom that embraces and encompasses anything and everything a person might choose in the course of a day’s life.

Then when the next day arrives that same liberty allows us to go a different way, in a different style if we so choose.

Infinite are our choices and options, and the style in which we choose. As an example; we can decide to hope in a positive direction instead of dread in a negative way.

True, there are people and their situations that have limitations on physical liberty. However, the liberty of self, up close, and very personal self-choices, attitudes, goals, and aspirations are keen and powerful in presence.

We each and everyone have the liberty to go another way, choose differently. We can reach for things beneficial as we put away things harmful.

The very process of considering things for which to be grateful, or thankful, or appreciative is LIBERATING!