Blessed People who walk in the realm of our Gratitude

People who care for the Needs

of other people.

In the Nursing Homes, Hospitals

Extended care facilities.

Certified Nursing Assistants

Registered Nurses

Licensed Practical Nurses

Medical Doctors


People who sweep and mop the floors

and throw away the messes.

One Reply to “Blessed People who walk in the realm of our Gratitude”

  1. I love the whole concept behind your blog! As a person with a lot of nurses in the family I especially appreciate this post. I don’t think these people are appreciated nearly often enough for the dedicated and loving services they provide. Oh, and the speech and occupational therapists that work with my son have my undying gratitude for the incredible difference they are making in his life! (I do remember to tell them often 🙂 )

Thank you for your interest. I very much appreciate your perspective and I am grateful you appreciate mine.

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