Being Grateful in the Midst of Chaos

is a bit of a challenge and in so doing makes us much stronger and calmer and prepared for the things we must do.

Storms have been numerous. Floods in some places, fires in others, and in other places, people have senselessly harmed other people.

Overwhelming situations of chaos seem all powerful in their big, strong and fierce ways.

We are bettered when we remember: our resilience as a people, the changing and passing of all things, the rush of thousands of people into the storms to bring help, and hugs, and prayers.

Be encouraged because helping hearted people rush into the storms that have been our history.

The empowering attraction of being thankful will bring in more good and more reasons to be thankful.

Forcing oneself to be grateful takes control, powerful control, away from the negatives, while at the same time giving us confidence in Light overcoming darkness, and help overcoming need.

Be grateful for whatever is most immediate before you. The breath you breathe, a loved one near, pictures saved, the treasured family Bible. No matter how minor, and especially major, make yourself look for the good. Good is.

And please remember: This too will pass.

Thank you for your interest. I very much appreciate your perspective and I am grateful you appreciate mine.

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