Grateful in All

Excruciating pain was what she experienced. Yet through it all, she was grateful she could experience.

The alternative was/is: non-experience.

Even in pain, to take control with an attitude of gratitude gave her a comfort the pain could not touch. A comfort that grew and overwhelmed the pain.

Considering the planet’s population she knew there were many people who would gladly trade their place and condition with her place and condition.

Certainly she was in pain, but well fed, well sheltered, meals for days into the future, waited in her cabinets.
For her there was a place she could go to get medical help. Too,there was a place she had earned money and insurance to pay for the medical help.

There were medications to help ease the pain, that waited at the end of a phone call.

She could read and write and contemplate. In her world it was common to hear from family and friends of their love, their support, their willingness to help, to drive, to pray, to raise hands of healing, and share their loving energy.

Scriptural phrases strengthened her: ‘This will not end in death.’, ‘I came that you have Life and have it more abundantly.’, and ‘With long life I will satisfy you.’.

Thank you for your interest. I very much appreciate your perspective and I am grateful you appreciate mine.

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