There is much to do………

For sure my schedule this ‘workweek’ is a bit busy, with only four days to fit everything into, instead of the usual five.

Annnnd doing it all with not nearly enough sleep. In explanation, some of our neighbors began their fireworks exploding early, and the gurgling laughter of children sounded into the wee hours this morning.(that was joyful to hear) Then a thunderstorm took over the sound effects.

All that said is not to complain. It is as it is.

And I am so very grateful, humbled and awed with the many blessings that are my life.

I have a bed, a home, food, clean water, rain enough but not too much. I live with infinitely vast liberty and freedoms. My country is one where people rush to disasters to help, to lift up, to encourage.

The more I am grateful the more that seems to come to me to be grateful for.

I think about that and that too is something for which to be grateful. The liberty to think my thoughts, voice them, write them. Or be silent.

Thank you for your interest. I very much appreciate your perspective and I am grateful you appreciate mine.

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