To be included

To be included is perhaps the most special thing in a very long time, for which I am grateful.

Truly special to me, that people would plan and send an invitation and call and ask with genuine hope in their voice.
“Are you coming?” And then with genuine care and interest in their voice. “Is there anything I/ we can do to help?”

Once there, introductions were made all around, and they spoke of me in glowing terms to the new people I met.

The ages of the gathered were from three-ish to ninety-ish, and the respectful interest in one another was a quiet joy to experience.

Later, after the event, there was a meal. Long tables with cloths beneath breeze bounced globes.

I was asked to say the Grace. Every person there became quiet and still and bowed their heads. A fragrance from the hanging flowers seemed as a blanket dropping over us all together at once.

The ease and manner of all those people showed me that Prayer was A common event for my friends. And remember to consider, and plan, and specifically, invite their friends to share their joys.

Thank you for your interest. I very much appreciate your perspective and I am grateful you appreciate mine.

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