Prayerful Words

Many are the people who ask me how to pray. I refer them to what Jesus, the Christ, told his disciples.  I remind them to go into their closet, close the door and have their most restful, most comfortable, most personal, conversation with God.

Still people persist in their questions of seeking, what are the words, as if there is a recipe from my private collections that will Divinely order and bless and ease their life/lives.

Humbly, I remember Prayer is as personal as the breath that breathes the words of the consciousness that became the breath, all from the Divine.

That said, I will continue with  phrases, rememberances, and words that are more neutral, equal opportunity, bold and consistent in my day to day, moment to moment prayers.  Some phrasing is from scriptural basis that has been placed in/on my heart, other is from other sources inspired to my consciousness by the Divne Holy Spirit.  As Jane Austen might say: my own Internal Infallible Guide. Strongly I encourage readers to seek and know the thrill of finding and hearing and reading, the Divine.

What follows are examples only, and no professional advices are given.

My expectation is for the Divine, unmerited, extreme, extravagant, most excellent favor, blessing, solution.

My prayer is for Wayshowers to be on the path of ________.

My prayer is for Wordspeakers and Deed Doers to be before  ____________.

Whatever ____________may be reaching for, that is of good, and right and merit, and favor, and benefit; let their reach be long enough and their grasp be strong enough. Let thier attention be strong and long to satisfaction.

Whatever __________may be reaching for that is harmful, detrimental, illegal, wrong, let their reach be slow, short and their grasp be weak. Let their attention to this wrong, harmful, detrimental whatever,  be brief and fleeting.

I pray the Divine Sacrifice over the appetites, the cravings the desires of _______ that they be only of right and good and helpful and benefitting quality.

My expectation is for healing and the highest and most excellent outcome of _________.


Thank you for your interest. I very much appreciate your perspective and I am grateful you appreciate mine.

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