Gratitude for Dentists

As I strolled past one of those big pictures of George Washington, I paused to look, really look at the printed image of our nation’s  first president.

For the first time I noticed the pained  expression on his face. Clearly I could see that his mouth was held as if his teeth hurt.

Wooden teeth were a part of his life, and I wonder at the bacteria and germs that came with them. There are many historical  references to him that mention the pain and the problems he had with his teeth.

Comparing those times with our own, I am grateful for so many improvements.  Personally speaking, the ‘painless’ dental repairs and replacements must be gifts from the Lord.

This morning I left my Partial with the dentist for a fit issue on a new crown.  No big deal really, it will be back in a couple of days. I miss the beauty it adds to my smile and my meals.

However.  I am so vey grateful to be in these times with such improved, clean and comfortable dental helps..


Opportunities, Options and Re considerations……

These are really some things to be grateful for.

To take the liberty to review the different options and opportunities that are before me are exciting and awe inspiring. And Oh Yeah! Much to be grateful for.

Then there is the luxury of a second thought. The re-considerations, the back-up and go at it a slightly different way.

Most of us are grown ups in a grown up world. It is acceptable and quite common for people reconsider a thing and accept it , or reject it. We have choices. Things change and other opportunities open before us.

Be grateful.

A Cool Place, or, A Place to Cool

The heat is upon us! Add in humidity, maybe a bit of exertion and a person can be zapped of all energy quickly.

A place to get cool is a blessing, maybe a life saver, for sure a health saver.

Maybe air conditioning is not available. The shade of a tall and foliage heavy tree can do wonders to freshen and invigorate a human being . Turn on a box fan while spritzing a spray bottle of water, maybe lemon water. Whoooie Fresh!

Some of our communities are offering cooling stations: designated places with air conditioning and fresh water, and the opportunity for people to come in and cool down.

Along some ‘Walkers’ Through fares I’ve noticed some residents pay Kindness Forward with large insulated water jugs, the kind with a button-spout, and inexpensive paper cups at the ready for people who are parched and walking.

There is so much for which to be grateful: Liberty and the freedom to pursue happiness, kindnesses of strangers, gorgeous summer skies, birdsongs so happy and gay.

A Place for us, somewhere………

There is a place for us, somewhere.  No matter the dilemma any one of us face, if we are persistent and open in our search, we will find a place for our special needs.

Support groups are in abundance for educating and improving the lives of people in diverse areas of need.  If a group is not to be found, these times are receptive, encouraging and supportive of one being created!

Be grateful for: The open doors. The helping hands.  The ideas that inspire. The hopes that are met and achieved.  The venues that are available. The solutions are as near as one’s ‘problem’.

Shift perspective. An attitude of Gratitude will open whatever One needs.

The Grateful Space

There is a Grateful Space that awaits within the realm of imminent despair and chaos and destitution.

Thoughts and words so simple can, and do, and have turned those, to hope, and calm peace, and prosperity.

Consider even the time, the date of ‘whatever’. The truth is: so many improvements and opportunities and possibilities await us now, in this year of 2015 than were available in, lets say 1915.

Enjoy a game of Getting Happy. List every little and big thing for which there is to be grateful.

Think about the steady floor beneath one’s feet. Marred and worn Linoleum might be better than dirt.

Another perspective from a Dearheart who has no flesh feet: Prosthetics are better than none, and Prosthetic ankles and feet feel no pain.


With every moment, a now. With every Now, new, blank, open to receive our direction.

To be Thankful in all is to take every moment captive to the Positive Realm of Appreciation.

To Look for the Positives is to find the positives.

To Look for the Negatives is to find the negatives.

To say, “Nothing good ever happens to me.” is to assure that nothing good ever happens.

To say, “I am grateful for all the blessings that chase me down and overtake me, and fill my arms and hands and thoughts and heart.” is to assure that happening.

Be Grateful. Be Thankful. Be Appreciative.

Gratitude is………..

Magnetic and Magnifying.

Whatever anyone is grateful for is magnetized and like a magnet it draws to itself the ‘whatever’  for which one is grateful.

Whatever anyone is grateful for is Magnified, made more, made larger and dominant. Just like looking through a Magnifying Glass makes the focused ‘whatever’ larger and dominant, so is ‘whatever’ one is grateful for,  Magnified.

From the invisible realm to the visible.  From the unreal to the real.

Remember: All ‘Something’ came from nothing.


Grateful in All

Excruciating pain was what she experienced. Yet through it all, she was grateful she could experience.

The alternative was/is: non-experience.

Even in pain, to take control with an attitude of gratitude gave her a comfort the pain could not touch. A comfort that grew and overwhelmed the pain.

Considering the planet’s population she knew there were many people who would gladly trade their place and condition with her place and condition.

Certainly she was in pain, but well fed, well sheltered, meals for days into the future, waited in her cabinets.
For her there was a place she could go to get medical help. Too,there was a place she had earned money and insurance to pay for the medical help.

There were medications to help ease the pain, that waited at the end of a phone call.

She could read and write and contemplate. In her world it was common to hear from family and friends of their love, their support, their willingness to help, to drive, to pray, to raise hands of healing, and share their loving energy.

Scriptural phrases strengthened her: ‘This will not end in death.’, ‘I came that you have Life and have it more abundantly.’, and ‘With long life I will satisfy you.’.


Sometimes the questions are for what we are to be grateful.

The probing questions that ask us to reflect deeply and consider the rough places, and the difficult, in our life experience history.

It is there, in the rough terrain of our memories, where we find what we are to truly, thoroughly examine.  It is as if we are to contemplatively consider the challenges in our personal history, and then ask, and then make the statement:

Of, acknowledgement, embracing and loving, and then forgiving.

Let go.  Let go. Let go.

Be grateful for forgiveness.


Surprises are to be grateful for.

It was so clear last night! We stopped our rush to slow down and settle in for the night. We looked long and intently into the different star groups.

I remembered a night many decades past, just as clearly.

From my perspective, on a hill, part way up a ridge, in the Aux Arc’s, on my grandmother’s front lawn topped with an old quilt, we rested, and a beloved cousin taught me the names of the same star systems.

Sometimes, we would look to the field below, where our parents and Grandparents planted in the fields below, by the moon’s light.

Later, that night, long after we’d parted, while we slept in our own beds, some far from that place, rain came and watered in all the plantings.

This morning too, we woke to see the last of a morning’s easy rain.

Being grateful.