Larkspur Gathering

                                Certainly there were calls I could have made.  Long conversations I may have needed to have.  The moments could have been used differently, but, I chose to gather Larkspur seed.

                                  For the second  time in four days I found myself mesmerized as I gazed upon a mound of coral fire called Larkspur.  Sprinkled about the blossoms a few dark, spent blooms had gone to seed.  Tell tale ‘eyes’ had opened in the pod to reveal many seeds waiting inside.

                                      The ones that were ready, I picked with bare hands, remembering that my grandmother had always put down Muslin cloth so that none of the seeds could be accidentally lost.

                                        Accident and lost are two words with which I maintain disagreement.  Nothing is ever lost, and there are no accidents.  Changes maybe, and differences, maybe. But, nothing is new under our Sun, on this old, old world.

                                      Gratefully awed at the profusion of possibility at my hands.  Dried on a bit of paper towel, transferred to a labeled envelope,  my hopes for tomorrow.100_5027100_5031100_5034



A Simple Evening, a simple tomorrow……………………..

………………………a little TV with my many decades beloved.  Laughter and chocolate chip cookies, glasses of cold, cold, milk.

Plans for tomorrow?  Garage sales, maybe,depending on the weather, or an Estate Sale.  Maybe we’ll try a new fast food place opening in a neighboring town……………….

Whatever simple and awesome thing presents itself, we will be grateful.

Tree Bark Wisdom

Lately, as the trees are in the process of going into a long winter’s rest, I’ve been observing the tree bark and considering the lessons to be learned.


The bark is a pretty barrier to the would be harms of the world in which the tree lives.  It is not the tree, it is not the Life, the real life of the tree.


The bark shows battles, and wounds survived. The bark is life and nourishment and home to many other non tree species.

The bark reveals where the tree has been without ever leaving its place.


The tree’s secrets are kept only to be revealed at its seeming death.  One tree’s death is like a human losing a nail.  Life continues for millions of the same kind, all over the planet,.

Heartfelt Thankfulness in the presence of adversity…………….

We say thank you all through the day.

In the presence of a threat, seen as an ‘unknown’ mass-like-something across the stomach, and a third of the lung of my beloved husband of forty-three years,  too clearly visible on three different X-Rays, ‘it’ looked a lot like an unnamed monster. In that first look, I actually felt the nearness of an icy-cold-skeletal-fingered-grip of the grim one.

As the radiology area went weirdly cold, I swear I saw all the hurtful words I had, over our four decades together, uttered in pain, anger and ignorance, printed haphazardly across that ‘mass’.

With that chill I began immediately, quakingly, trembling, with eyes weeping, to say thank you.

Thank you to the Dr. who ordered the XRays to look for Pneumonia. Thank you that it wasn’t Pneumonia.

Thank you that the clinic would ‘take payments’ maybe even for a long time. Thank you for the Bronchitis that made Mr Amazing go to the doctor in first place.Thank you that he could go to reputable, quality clinic and find out, almost know, what was and wasn’t with that mass.

Thank you that I began a serious Odyssey (and I assure you, comparatively, Homer’s was mediocre) with Gratitude, Thankfulness, and Appreciation, and had some twenty years practice in the area.

Thank yous poured out of me, silent, aloud, muttered, mumbled, and clearly articulated. I recalled small and large and petty and magnificent things that made me believe in Thankfulness, Appreciation, and Gratitude and very real works of Healing.

Yes, some people looked at me as if I was crazy. Thank you.

Yes, some people stepped, no, the better word is: shirked away, as if I was crazy. Thank you.

Yes, I was grateful for anything and everything that came to eye, or hand or mind; for paved roads, even badly paved roads, and cars with shock-absorbers, and Charmin toilet paper, and ……………..HOPE. Thank you.

And that there are more healing energies, than not, and if I would keep looking to more healing, there would be.

If I didn’t understand the healing that was happening there would be healing of that too.

Today the call finally came.  Not Cancer.

An infection. The doctors aren’t sure the medicine, (five horse-pills in the morning, five horse-pills in the evening) will even work. We might have to look at other options. Thank you.

But for now, and probably days into my future, I’ll say Thank You. I will strive to be grateful in everything.



! Suddenly !

Suddenly! What was less can become more. Lack becomes Plenty.

Suddenly! What was seemingly finished, begins again, in a New, Better and more Fun way.

Suddenly! There is abundance where previously there had been lack.

Suddenly! There is Life and Growth and Health where there had been disease, decay, decline, seeming to death.

Suddenly! Right overcomes wrong.

Suddenly! Walls come tumbling down, barriers are no more, no more, no more.


A Simple Life

is what it is, and today it is grand, oh so grand.

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk for supper, made by my husband, also known as Mr. Amazing, was enjoyed while he finished simmering his supper fare: ramen noodles. Waiting patiently at our feet is our grand- dog-aughter, a found/rescue/ adopted love for some eleven years.

Our home is warm even though outside, it is brutally cold and windy. The linoleum is older and maybe looks a bit worn, but it is good foundation that has served us well for near forty years101_1506Economic wizards remind  me that my trash can eats better than ninety-eight per-cent of our world’s population.

We are mindful.  We remember the words of Buddha: in the world there is enough for every need, there is not enough for every greed.

We are grateful to live simply so that hopefully others my simply live.

Rest and Recuperation

For rest and recuperation I am so very grateful.And these few others come to mind:

Its not pneumonia. A shot in the sitting place. Some pills that aren’t as huge as some other pills that I have seen.

Bedpans are not a part of the Dr.’s orders.  Actually going to my own Bathroom. It is an indoor bathroom annnnnnnd in my home.(out house memories are not to ever be forgotten). My home is ‘small’, so the br is near and doesn’t require a long walk.

Experienced and compassionate Dr.s

No hospitalization, (I am grateful hospitals are there for the people who really need them.)

WordPress Happiness Engineers, and bloggers, and BYU TV.

A dear lady who donated and delivered an entire encyclopedia set to an Alternative Learning school dear to my heart. Entire, up to date, donated, delivered. (My part? I answered her call, gave her directions, from my recliner.)

A Blessing Jar !

Until my camera issues are resolved, consider in your mind’s eye: an old- time tea jar.  Originally for pickles, then emptied, cleaned and used for Tea to be taken along for picnics,  potluck and sometimes lunch in the field.

Now, daily consider your daily blessings, some more obvious than others.  Make a note of the blessing considered, and drop it in the jar.


Watch the jar fill through the year. Comfort yourself with a quick read and go.  At Thanksgiving 2013,  or New Year’s Eve 2013, review your blessings.

This is an excellent family or individual project, and very uplifting for grey, rainy day contemplation before the flowers.

Thankful Hopes in this New Year

My hope is for breathly rememberance of Indwelling Spirit who speaks and lights my eyes, my way, my path.

Grateful I am for the Divine, Who reminds my  heart to be warm and willing with ready compassion and tenderness in forgiveness.

Thankful I am for the Divine showing me when impatience and self-absorption and condemnation are  clouding my sight Before I speak the words.

Grateful I am for rememberance that self-forgetfulness, harmlessness, and right speech, are characterizing and lighting my tomorrows.



Unseen Hands

Unseen hands hold us, heal our wounds, and sometimes unseen hands have a voice that whispers comforting ease to our chaotic thoughts.

Unseen hands hold a place for time to make right the wrongs that are out of time.

We left a rutted parking lot, inside the cab we tossed like dolls.

Suddenly traffic was solid, bumper to bumper, four lanes full moving at 40 ish miles an hour.

On a Friday at supper time, with perhaps too much speed, we made our way.  Gravel spewing, lurching along among other drivers and their vehicles.

We drove a mere one and a quarter mile distance.  Four lanes became five and twenty-nine business with entrances and exits, demanded our attention, a few sudden stops and starts.  Inside our vehicle we spoke pay day talk, what to get for supper,  and gratitude that we could have supper.

At last we arrived at our favorite steakhouse.

When we stepped from the vehicle,  I saw them resting, where, in absent mind, I had earlier placed them.

Held in place by Unseen Hands.