Remember the Future

It sounds odd to say ‘remember the future’. But odd becomes


to say ‘remember, the future remains OPEN.


A Nation of Liberty

In a nation of liberty we live and enjoy living. An opportunity

to choose our leaders awaits. Opportunity abounds for each

of us to research and question and learn of those people who

would serve us.

Moments by moments we may go within to that quiet

center of all Truth, and pray, seek divine guidance, Know,

truly know our heart’s true choice.

Freedom, liberty, and opportunity to vote, .

Blessed People who walk in the realm of our Gratitude

People who care for the Needs

of other people.

In the Nursing Homes, Hospitals

Extended care facilities.

Certified Nursing Assistants

Registered Nurses

Licensed Practical Nurses

Medical Doctors


People who sweep and mop the floors

and throw away the messes.

Seven days of Wonder times two

Seven days of Wonder times two

Seven days of wonder times two as each of these nest’s occupants came to fly away.

The hatching was unremarkable but AMAZING! Then there was a frenzy of finding food, by both male and female parents and the energetic protection of the nests.

Each Robin became a Dive-Bomber of beak and claw and raucous language, upon the snooping squirrel, the raiding Blue-Jay, the cautious cats.

Then the flight lessons began……….In one week the nests were empty.

Friends, Barbecue, Laughter

What more is there?  To see again good friends, after too long apart, conversation with their Oh So Sharp seven year old, good barbecue, many laughs.

Grateful for simple goodnesses.


Remember to have Gratitude for all the  teachers who have graced our lives.

The ones who taught us to make sense of our scrawls into a language, the ones who taught us to knit, or do algebra, or, or, or. The ones who made the Divine simple and understandable and recognizable.

Divine light
Image by Armando Maynez via Flickr